1 Hotel South Beach, Miami

1 Hotel South Beach


Your South Beach sanctuary, set along a pristine, 600-foot stretch of shoreline,
with translucent, ocean blues in constant view.

1 Hotel South Beach is a luxurious and eco-conscious hotel located in Miami Beach, Florida. The hotel boasts a nature-inspired design that incorporates reclaimed materials and a focus on sustainability. It features a warm and organic aesthetic, with elements like salvaged wood, repurposed furniture, and living green walls. 1 Hotel South Beach embraces Miami’s vibrant art scene and features an extensive collection of contemporary artwork throughout its premises.

Rooms and Suites

Designed and inspired by nature, the rooms and suites bring nature front and centre with some of the largest accommodations in South Beach. Guests can enjoy stunning views of either the Atlantic Ocean or the vibrant Miami cityscape. The panoramic views add to the overall experience and create a sense of tranquility. Some room categories offer private balconies, providing an outdoor space where guests can enjoy fresh air, soak up the views, and relax in privacy.

Rooftop Pool

The rooftop pool at 1 Hotel South Beach offers a luxurious and captivating experience for guests, combining stunning views, comfortable seating, excellent service, and a relaxing atmosphere. It’s a wonderful place to unwind, bask in the sun, and enjoy the beauty of Miami Beach from above. The pool features an infinity edge design, creating the illusion of the water merging seamlessly with the horizon. This design element enhances the visual appeal and provides an uninterrupted view of the ocean and skyline.


Committed to sustainability, 1 Hotel South Beach sources all of its ingredients from ethical and organic farmers and suppliers. Executive chef David Henriquez oversees the food and beverage offering including the signature restaurant, Habitat. A modern-day Mexican restaurant offering light options, as well as classic Mexican dishes using the freshest ingredients. Enjoy the nature inspired dining room, outdoor patio or private mezzanine.

An incredibly stylish and luxurious hotel, situated on one of the world’s most famous beaches.

Ed, Swift Travel team specialist.

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