Beyond India – Our Guide to India’s Neighbours

Maybe not as large in physical size, but India’s neighbours in the subcontinent possess their own very distinct cultures, characters and history. All of these nations deserve an extended visit in their own right so you may have to return several times. However, combining any of these destinations with your India itinerary is very straightforward for our team to organise and a choice many of our clients make.

Our Top Recommendations

Sri Lanka Tours

1. Sri Lanka

A pearl drop perched below the mighty India in the glistening Indian Ocean. Despite its relatively small size to its neighbour, the diversity of culture, activity and wildlife in such a compact area is astonishing. Sri Lanka is a navigable gem of adventure and culture – explore Sri Lanka’s cool centre with its Tea Country and the plentiful national parks with world-class wildlife viewing. Take advantage of the empty caramel beaches with some beautifully boutique beach hotels dotted along the coasts, perfectly secluded for a relaxing Sri Lankan beach holiday or an epic surfing adventure. The ultimate luxury of this country’s small size is that nothing is very far from anything else; as you journey through Sri Lanka, it is possible to spend the morning in the hill country viewing wildlife and tea plantations, the afternoon at an ancient Buddhist temple and the evening eating seafood on a beach.

Nepal Holidays

2. Nepal

Despite its size, Nepal packs an almighty punch. Stunningly beautiful, it possesses arguably our planet’s most picturesque mountain scenery. However, it is definitely not just the Big Mountains that Nepal can offer a traveller – explore the temples, palaces and pilgrimage sites that line the Kathmandu Valley and Chitwan National Park, defined by river plains and jungle where Bengal tigers, gharial crocodiles and one-horned rhinos all call home.

Bhutan Tours

3. Bhutan

This almost inaccessible Kingdom – forbidden to visitors until 1974 – has fiercely guarded its secrets from the rest of the world, maintaining limited flights and hefty tourist fees in order to preserve its ancient Buddhist cultural traditions. The advantage to those privileged to set foot on its mountain soil is the lack of tourists, or any of the other tourist trappings that have tainted its neighbours – when it comes to getting away from the burdens of the modern world, this is arguably the best location on this earth. Experience this pristine, year-round destination and its plunging valleys, monasteries, temples and fortresses through a network of luxurious intimate lodges.


Maldives India Combo

4. Maldives

Sparkling white sand, turquoise waters, a cobalt-blue sky and the teeming life of the gardens underwater, make the Maldives the ultimate tropical getaway. This is pure escapism – the vast array of atolls and world-class resorts bring options for any type of traveller – whether you are searching for peace and quiet or party. The only difficulty you will face with the Maldives is deciding which of the Robinson Crusoe islands is the one for you.

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