Our Guide to River Cruising in India

Exploring the waterways of India through cruises and private houseboats offers a unique and unforgettable travel experience. Swift Travel presents an array of boating experiences that showcase the beauty of the landscape, the warmth of the local people, and the rich cultural heritage of India. From leisurely private houseboat journeys through Kerala's backwaters to river cruises along the Ganges and Brahmaputra, each voyage promises to create lasting memories.

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When considering a boating adventure in India, booking with Swift Travel ensures an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Our commitment to providing exceptional service and curated itineraries sets us apart as the ideal choice for your next waterborne exploration.

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Private Houseboat India

1. Private Houseboats

A houseboat allows one to watch local life at a pace most definitely unassociated with our present lifestyles. Taking it slow gives you the opportunity to absorb the sights, sounds and pleasures of your surroundings. With bicycles on board, one can stop and cycle around villages, perhaps having tea with the local people and chatting to them, or even just walking around and marvelling at the vistas before you. Sail through Kerala’s beauty-blessed backwaters in the sultry green Malabar region, by the coast. Drifting past tropical forest, painted temples and laid-back villages.The green expanses of paddy fields and sentry-like palms lining the lagoons of the backwaters, with the Western ghats in the distance is an enriching journey in itself.

2. River Cruises

A world away from the more well-trodden roads of India, the eastern corner remains untouched by mass tourism. Utilising a cruise allows you to journey through Bengal on the mighty Ganges or journey through Assam on the Brahmaputra. Fascinating and culturally rich parts of India, travelling by boat opens up areas otherwise largely inaccessible to most travellers.


For thousands of years, the Ganges has been a magnet for people, with its vital waterways and profound religious significance. A confluence of colonisers, from the Mughals and British to the French and Dutch, has contributed to the creation of a rich tapestry of historic sites, cultural influences, and political epochs along its banks. This enduring legacy is evident in the buildings, people, religious sites, and food that characterize the region today. 


On the Brahmaputra river, with many places almost inaccessible on foot, a cruise is a leisurely and pleasurable way to experience this often overlooked corner of the country. The cruise down the Brahmaputra offers a fascinating ‘inner view’ of remote villages, weaving communities, tea gardens and epic wildlife – including Gangetic dolphins and stops at the legendary park of Kaziranga and Orang to look for elephants, rhinos and even tigers. 

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