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Beach Lovers, Families, Romantics and Adventurers

Best Time To Go

November to May

Flight Time

8hrs (From London)

Time Difference

-4hrs (from the UK)

For a once in a lifetime trip, explore Anguilla

This petite island in eastern Caribbean spans just 16 miles in length and three miles at its widest point. Despite its compact size, it compensates with pristine white sandy beaches, an inviting sea, and an authentic laid-back Caribbean atmosphere. Over the last few decades, Anguilla’s tourism sector has experienced remarkable growth, leading hotels to compete for the most enchanting locations for their establishments. Notably, boutique hotels take center stage on the island, a logical choice given its limited land availability. Anguilla boasts a varied portfolio of accommodations, including family-owned properties, apartment-style condos, and luxurious villas, all placing a rightful emphasis on the flawless shoreline.

Anguila Resorts

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