Best Overwater Villas in the Maldives

We've all seen the pictures and the social media posts showing what paradise and relaxation could look like. So we decided to give you a map of how to get there! We have curated our five favourite over water villas (some with slides!) in Maldives.

The Maldives is the epitome of luxury, offering you a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will leave you breathless. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this tropical oasis as you indulge in world-class amenities and impeccable service.

From the moment you arrive, you’ll be swept away by the stunning natural beauty that surrounds you. Dip your toes in the warm, turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and feel your worries melt away. Take a leisurely stroll along the soft, powdery sand beaches and bask in the warmth of the tropical sun.

Experience the ultimate in luxury as you stay in one of the Maldives’ world-renowned overwater bungalows. Relax in your private sanctuary as you take in the breathtaking views of the ocean from your own private deck. Savor delicious cuisine prepared by world-class chefs and indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

One of the highlights of staying in an overwater villa is the breathtaking sunset views. Witness the sky ablaze with vibrant hues as the sun dips below the horizon, creating a magical ambiance that will leave you awe-inspired.

Villas Maldives

Staying in an overwater villa allows you to immerse yourself in the vibrant marine ecosystem of the Maldives. You can often spot colorful coral reefs and a variety of marine life right beneath your villa, making it a perfect choice for snorkeling or diving enthusiasts. These villas are equipped with luxurious amenities to ensure a comfortable and indulgent stay. From private infinity pools and outdoor Jacuzzis to sun decks, outdoor showers, and direct access to the water, every detail is designed to enhance your experience.


Ideal for Honeymooners or for a romantic getaway, these villas offer unparalled views of the Indian Ocean, privacy and your own personal swimming hole.

Patina Maldives Water villa

1. Patina Maldives

Floor-to-ceiling panoramic glazing slides back to open up these one-bedroom villas sitting out over the turquoise ocean at one with our resident marine life. The private deck’s horizon views are interrupted by nothing other than the gentle ripples of the lagoon. Inside this private water villa in Maldives, bedroom, bathroom and lounge are honed from natural materials that live in absolute harmony with our remarkable location.

Six Senses Laamu Overvilla

2. Six Senses Laamu

Cycle along the weathered timber jetty above the lagoon to these private enclosed overwater retreats. There is direct access to the sea, where you can swim and snorkel, or plunge into your personal pool. Laze on the decking, soak up some sun, and enjoy the beautiful colors of the ocean. During sunset, lay back on sun loungers or sit around the outside deck’s glass-bottom table.

Soneva Jani Watervilla

3. Soneva Jani

Situated in the Noonu Atoll, Soneva Jani boasts spacious overwater villas that redefine luxury. These villas feature retractable roofs, private pools, water slides, and even a retractable dining table for a unique dining experience under the stars. With impeccable service and breathtaking views, Soneva Jani is a true paradise.

Lux South Ari Water Villa

4. LUX* South Ari Atoll

Each Water Villa boasts a private deck that extends over the water, allowing you to relax and soak up the sun while enjoying uninterrupted views of the ocean. Some villas also feature private infinity pools, providing the perfect spot for a refreshing dip

Robinson Crusoe Villa

5. Gili Lankanfushi

The Robinson Crusoe water villa is Insta famous for its breathtaking views and secluded roof terrace.  A spacious villa that allows a family to explore the crystal clear waters around the villa.

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